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Nice to meet you :)

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1 Nice to meet you :) on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:25 am


Hello, everybody! Happy
My name is Aistė (pronunciation is similar to IceTea).
I'm from this pretty much small country called Lithuania.

What was my first introduction with Asian comics like?
Well, my cousin was the one who introduced me to
Japanese (and not only) culture and comics.
So, right now I'm a proud manga addict of about 5 years.

Why I like manhwa?
The answer is VERY simple.
I was amassed by the quality, preciseness and beauty
that manhwa had and manga sometimes lacked.

So, here I am, in this Sherbet Lemon community,
with high hopes of finding good manhwa to read
and good friends to discuss with.

Best regards,
IceTea Excited

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