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September 29th, 2010 -------------- Status Update

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Why, hello everybody~~
This is actually my first time posting up here, it's kinda fun. 8D
I thought that since we haven't released any chapters since July, that you at least deserved an update so you know what is happening in the wonderful world of Sherbet Lemon.


I greatly apologize for our short period of inactivity, but I promise that we're still working hard!
Recently Lena [WingedAng3l for anyone who's new] went on a vacation to China and guess what she did there? ;D
Oh ho, you guessed correctly! She picked up a ton of new raws for us!
Including one series that I've had a lot of people asking about recently...SHOW PRINCESS!
So rest assured, it's coming!

Also on the agendaa..


I want to thank everybody who donated! (: You helped us buy our wonderful mountain of new raws!
Also, new donations are still welcome~
[All of your donations go towards buying us (And essentially, you) even more raws, for those of you who were wondering. n 3n]

For those of you who don't want to donate, you could always help us through this second option..
by becoming our slave staff member!
I promise that we're all very nice and that we will won't eat your souls. 8D
If you have a favorite project that you want to help with [staff members who work directly with the raws get to read things before they're released! ;) ] or you're just the kindest person on the planet and want to help out, please post over in our Recruitment sub-forum!
We are in need of Korean to English and Chinese to English TRANSLATORS!
But trust me, Editors, Proofreaders, QCer's and Raw Providers are also very important and we would be glad to have more of them!
[More SL staff = Faster Releases!]

One more thing,
Please make sure you are all abiding by our rules!
-> You must have 5 NON SPAM POSTS before being able to view the download sub-forum!
-> Please wait 3 DAYS before redistributing our work!

Thanks for being supportive guys, we all really appreciate it! (: We promise to bring you all some wonderful manhua soon!



im back and im alive O_O~!
start scanning ~

Don't Mind Me


Great, great, great!!! I love Show Princes!!!
Thanks a lot for the news (even when I'm reading until now xD) and I hope to see more wonderful projects >.<

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