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June 19th --------- Forum Updates & Annoucements

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It's been a while since something happened around here...
everything was pretty cute until I went and messed everything up...... Sad
to make up for my mistake i decide to give the forum a total new look starting from the smilies
I had always wanted to get rid of these disguesting standard smilies and get some cute ones, and so I did
The ones you see on the right took me about half an hour to upload

I also decided to change the layout of the forum and the color legend on the bottom of the forum
I gave a different color to each staff position

Also, I will be leaving on June 21st to Shanghai, China to visit my grandparents. During this time, Jay will also be buzy with studying issues. Until further notice, there will not be a release during the month of June. The eariest one will be around 1st of July

Last of all, our staff team as well as myself have seen some comments regarding the bad translation and editing quality for Show Princess Chapter 1, 2 and Wing Chapter 1. We have decided to do a verison 2 for these titles, hopefully with better quality

Thank you for reading
~Sherbet Lemon Admins and Staff Team

Don't Mind Me


Sherbet Lemon
Sherbet Lemon
The layout looks awesome, WingedAng3l. I apreciate the work, and the new smilies Happy


eh. Wing too? I thought you only meant Show!!!! O0O
well, just go with it. You're not going to change it if I tell you to anyways,


i am made up of 1/2 girl 1/2 guy
I will do what ever Ena say *bows*
Koreans are Kuddly!!
Vampyre's forever!
I kowtow to Bunnies
I wish I was taller...
I did all that work for another one!!
I am the Jesus of this thread! I ressurected it!!!


Sherbet Lemon
Sherbet Lemon
eh? really? looks good to me :o
The forum is pretty btw :D
aww i cant edit for a while then >_<

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