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Hetalia - Axis powers

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1 Hetalia - Axis powers on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:35 pm


So, about maybe a month or a little more ago I discovered this little anime called hetalia and DAMN! it is cute! (sorry for the profanity if you don't like it let me know) If you don't know about it look it up if you do come talk with me in here so we can talk about the different couples and hilarious antics of the characters. (btw I'm for GermanyXItaly all the way Love )

2 Re: Hetalia - Axis powers on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:59 pm


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The Empire of Vietnam was a short-lived Japanese puppet state that lasted from March 11 to August 23, 1945.

When the Japanese seized control of French Indochina, they allowed Vichy French administrators to remain in nominal control. This ruling ended on March 9, 1945 when the Japanese officially took control of the government. Soon after, Emperor Bảo Đại voided the 1884 treaty with France and Trần Trọng Kim, a historian, became prime minister.

Despite the state's short existence, it suffered through a famine (see Vietnamese Famine of 1945) as well as succeeding in replacing French-speaking schools with Vietnamese language schools taught by Vietnamese scholars.

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